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26 January, 2009

Kak Shima yg bagi..

“The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tagged 6 people.”

1. I am a Single Girl, Working as a Secretary at UPM

2. I really want to go to Mecca (InsyaAllah), genting (kesian aku wei, x penah g lg. huhu..)

3. My favorite place is (are) MyHome-MyVillage & beach

4. My favorite thing is (are) MyPink SonyE Hp & MyPink Canon Camera

5. My favorite drink(s) is (are) NescafeAis & Tembikai Laici

6. My favorite food(s) is (are) Ikan Bakar, Kerang Rebus

(SeaFood bakar2 punye)

7. My favorite color is Pink, Red & Black

8. I live in Serdang, Selangor

(UPM ni kan kat serdang..tp aku x la dok dlm UPM ni, dok tepi UPM je..)

9. I was born in Hospital Kuala Pilah, N9

10. My college was Politeknik Port Dickson, N9

11. My favorite stories are A Moment To Remember, The Notebook, Save The Last Dance For Me & The Host

(banyak lg sebenarnye nih..)

12. My hobby(ies) is (are) Surfing & Shopping

13. I wish for this - Actually, I hv many things i wish for future..They are.. Further Study, Transform MyRed Persona to Pink Colour & get Married..

I am tagging :

ryn DSK | fiza DSK | salfarina FSKTM | kak aqish | saddin | irda


mizfieza said...

fiza kalo wat nie dpt hadia tak >??

Saiful Ramadzan Hairani said...

ha.. mana hadiah? den dh buat nie...

AQisH said...

adoilah fiza..akak ala² kebizian ler nak mencari gambo2 dlm internet tu..skip bleh tak hehe..

fiza said...

cik fiza & incik sepol --> xde adiah ler.. x gheti den nak bagi2 adiah nih.. :D

kak aqish --> xpe2.. take ur time, ok. sy nk siapkn ni pun berzaman2 gak.. hikhik..

Saiful Ramadzan Hairani said...

isk2... semua pink nie apo nak jadi nie?

Shima Sulaiman said...

sib baik siap gak khirnya dlm 'keributan' tugas2 di opis...kelasss gitu..

fiza said...

cik bun --> pink la lawa.. baru jambu.. hahhaha

kak shima --> tag ni buat berhari2, bersambung2.. sebaik siap gak..


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